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The Annual Young Artist Competition

Competition Date: TBD

Winner's Performance Date: TBD

The purpose of the Young Artists’ Competition is to afford outstanding students in the School of Music the opportunity to compete for an appearance as soloist with a large instrumental organization such as orchestra, band, or variants thereof.


ELIGIBILITY:  Competition limited to full-time junior or senior music majors (those who have completed at least 59 hours as of the end of this Fall Semester) and full-time graduate students in music; students must be currently enrolled and studying applied music with a member of the School of Music faculty; students must be at performance level 8 1/2 or above at the time of the competition.  Soloists in last year’s Young Artists’ Concert are ineligible.  Students may enter only once per year.  Final approval of students entering the competition will come from each student’s Area Coordinator following the December jury.


JUDGES:  To be selected; one faculty member will be chosen from each of the following areas:  voice, keyboard, strings, woodwinds, brass-percussion, music education, music history, music theory; and possibly an Emeritus faculty member.


AWARDS:  Solo appearance with accompaniment by large instrumental organization on the Annual Young Artists’ Concert to be held during the Spring Semester (Date TBD).


Students contemplating entering the competition should select the music they wish to perform, with the approval of their applied music teacher, with the intent of performing it both for the competition and the concert.  At least an entire movement must be prepared.  Before students are eligible to compete, they must receive the consent of the conductor of the organization that would play the accompaniment.  Students are strongly encouraged to discuss and confirm with conductor the availability of repertoire of the performance material; such availability must be established by each competitor, personally, for a month to six weeks by written verification from the firm through which the accompaniment will be secured, INDICATING AVAILABILITY FOR GIVEN DATES AND RENTAL COSTAddresses of such firms are available from the conductors of the organizations.   


NOTE:  The length of each winner’s performance is limited to a maximum of 25 minutes.  For the Young Artists Concert, winners must perform the movement(s) in their entirety, without cuts (unless traditional, or authorized by the composer).  Performers will be limited to 10 minutes with cuts allowed for the competition.


The competition will be open to the public.


Students wishing to enter the competition must submit the application form to School of Music Office Room 4103 by 4:00pm, December 15, 2023.  Applications will be available soon.

updated 8/28/2023