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Recital Policies and Procedures

Degree-Required Student Recitals

All School of Music students who are planning to give a degree-required student recital in either the Fall or Spring semester must do the following.

1) Complete the Student Recital Pre-Registration Form available at

2) Attend one of three Student Recital Orientation sessions scheduled for:

                Wednesday, 8/21/19, 3pm-4pm, Rm. 2070

                Thursday, 8/22/19, 8:00pm-9:00pm, Rm. 2070

                Monday, 8/26/19, 5:00pm-6:00pm, Davis Theatre

3) Obtain their applied professor’s signature on a Permission to Register Form, which is available in the packet.

4) As outlined in the packet, schedule their recital in the Operations Office during the designated scheduling windows, which begin 8/26/19. You must present your signed Permission to Register Form at the time of sign-up.

5) Meet the deadlines for scheduling a dress rehearsal and submitting the Advance Information Sheet as outlined in the  Student Recital Packet.


A Google Calendar detailing the available recital slots for the entire year can be found at For reference, the School of Music Performance and Rehearsals calendar can be found at


Remember that half-recitalists must have a partner.  To ensure you are able to sign up for a slot, please show up for scheduling with a partner.  You are not both required to be there, but it is highly recommended in case your first, second, or third choice slots are no longer available. For convenience, you can find an up-to-date list of all pre-registered half-recitalists at


If you are unable to meet any of these requirements, please contact to make other arrangements. For example, if your summer employment prevents you from being on campus during the orientation sessions or the scheduling window, we can find an alternative solution to allow you to sign up for a recital slot, while still meeting the requirements.

Student Recital Packet (Complete; contains all necessary forms)

Student Recital Advance Information Form
Student Recital Permission to Register Form
Percussion Request Form
Recording Request Form