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Community Music Program

FALL 2017 Term 

Term begins August 28, 2017 unless otherwise noted
Registrations will be accepted starting August 17, 2017.

We are proud of the commitment of our teachers, to the community. The staff of the Community Music Program provides a comprehensive program of musical training for the amateur performer, enlightened listener, and professional musician. We are confident that our music education program enhances creativity, discipline, communication, self-esteem, and nurtures the inner artist in all ages. Classes in music are offered over a wide age-range, including babies and senior citizens.

Fall 2017 Calendar
  • ▪    Mid Aug – Community Music Fall Term publicity released

    ▪    Thursday Aug 17, 10:00am – Registration for Fall Term begins

    ▪    Saturday Aug 26, 6:00pm – MCYC (Morgantown Children’s/Youth Choirs – Letícia Grützmann, Director) Volleyball Game Anthem Sing, Coliseum WVU

    ▪    Monday Aug 28 – Fall Term begins

    ▪    Saturday Oct 14, 4:00pm – MCYC (Morgantown Children’s/Youth Choirs – Letícia Grützmann, Director) Fall Concert, Bloch Hall WVU

    ▪    Sunday Oct 22, 2:00pm – WVU Choral Concert (Dr Kym Scott, Director) featuring WV Community Choir, St Francis de Sales Church Morgantown

    ▪    Sunday Nov 5, time TBD – MCO (Morgantown Community Orchestra – André Januário, Director) United Hospitals Center Performance, Bridgeport Conference Center, Bridgeport

    ▪    Saturday Nov 11, time TBD – MCYC (Morgantown Children’s/Youth Choirs – Letícia Grützmann, Director) Friends of WVU Hospitals Festival of Trees performance, Stepping Stones Rec Center Morgantown

    ▪    Saturday Dec 2, beginning @ 9am – National RCM (Royal Conservatory of Music) performance exams, Room 424A

    ▪    Saturday Dec 2, 7:30pm – WVU Choral Concert (Dr Kym Scott, Director) featuring WV Community Choir, Clay Concert Theatre WV

    ▪    Sunday Dec 3, 1:30pm – Strings Recital featuring students of Artist Teacher Mary Wilson, Bloch Learning & Performance Hall WVU

    ▪    Sunday Dec 3, 3:30pm – CMP General Students’ Recital, Bloch Hall WVU

    ▪    Monday Dec 4, 7:30pm – WV Symphony Orchestra Concert featuring guest performers Morgantown Children’s/Youth Choirs & WV Community Choir, Clay Concert Theatre

    ▪    Tuesday Dec 5, 5:00pm – Keyboard Recital featuring students from the Kids’ Keyboard Classes of Associate Teacher Dipendra Sunam, Bloch Learning & Performance Hall WVU

    ▪    Friday Dec 8, 6:00pm – CMP General Students’ Recital, Falbo Theatre WVU

    ▪    Saturday Dec 9, time TBD – National RCM (Royal Conservatory of Music) written exams, Room 424A

    ▪    Saturday Dec 9, 4:00pm – MCYC (Morgantown Children’s/Youth Choirs – Letícia Grützmann, Director) Holiday Concert, Falbo Theatre WVU

    ▪    Sunday Dec 10, 2:00pm – CMP General Students’ Recital, Falbo Theatre

    ▪    Sunday Dec 10, 5:00pm – MCO (Morgantown Community Orchestra – André Januário, Director) Concert featuring Morgantown Childrens/Youth Choirs, Davis Theatre WV

    ▪    Monday Dec 18, 7:00pm – Clarinet Recital featuring students of Artist Teacher Jeanne Frieben, Room 424 Creative Arts Center WVU

Notes to Parents: Although the Creative Arts Center is a safe environment, parents are advised to accompany young children to and from their classes/lessons and to not leave them unattended for any length of time. Teachers cannot be expected to be responsible for waiting around after classes to keep watch on young children. Please be sure to keep in touch regularly with your teachers concerning lesson times. If you are not sure about a lesson time, please contact your teacher to make sure there has not been a misunderstanding. Communication is the key to preventing and solving problems before they turn into larger issues. Please be aware that our faculty have extremely busy schedules like you do. When you register for lessons, you have made a commitment, as our teachers have, to show up each week for the lesson/class. As much as we sympathize with your busy schedule and daily issues that come up in your lives, our teachers are not obligated to makeup lessons unless they have cancelled. Please also be advised that no adjustments in tuition will be given for cancellations. Thank you for your understanding.

Attendance Policy

Students are expected to attend all scheduled lessons and classes.  In case of school (WVU) closure or teacher absence for any reason, a make-up lesson will be arranged. Teachers are not obligated to make up lessons resulting from student cancellations and there will be no adjustment in tuition.

Keep in touch

Are you on the Community Music mailing and email list to receive information about the WVU Community Music Program? Our email addresses are used solely for the purpose of the Community Music Program.

To be added to our mailing list and/or email list, please contact Karen Taddie at (304) 293-6946 or email


Because of your generosity and commitment to our Program, we have been able to serve our community for 55 years.