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Recording Policy

 WVU Recording Services Policies (updated 5/2022) 

Download the Recording Request Form (pdf)

  1. WVU Recording Services provides audio recording, post-production services, consultations, limited equipment lending/rental, and limited video recording services to West Virginia University School of Music employees, students, and visiting artists.
  2. We do not handle room reservations. Please contact CAC Operations to request a space for your performance.
  3. We do not handle live streaming of events. However, we will work with CAC Operations or the Music Industry office to provide some, or all, of our audio feed for the livestream of your event.
  4. It is the responsibility of the student, faculty member, or ensemble director to request a recording of their performance. If you are hosting a guest artist, it is your responsibility to request a recording and to make certain that your guest consents to being recorded. Please do not assume that WVU Recording Services is aware of your event and will automatically record it. Please provide as much detail on the performance and instrumentation that you can.
  5. The services and equipment we provide are dependent on available resources (equipment and personnel), timely communication, and scope of requests. Employees and students should contact the Director of Recording Services and Teaching Associate Professor of Music Technology (, the graduate assistant in music technology, and/or use CAC Operations’ online request form to request a recording of your performance. If you have not requested a recording at least four weeks before your event, it is likely that your performance will not be recorded. If we do not have available equipment and personnel, your performance will not be recorded. We may rent/lend equipment to performers in some instances when we cannot accommodate a request.
  6. We attempt to record as many performances as possible (assuming we know about them and have available resources) without notification from the relevant performer/ensemble. The purpose of this is to maintain an archive that contains a majority of WVU events. If you prefer your performance not be included in this archive, please email a request to and CC the Director of the School of Music. The following are events in order of priority that we will attempt to record, even without notification from the performer or ensemble director, when possible: 

     -Major Ensembles (Orchestra, Wind Symphony, Symphonic Band, Choir, World Music Ensembles, Major Jazz                Ensembles, Chamber Winds)                                                                                                                                          -Faculty solo, duo, and ensemble recitals

     -Graduate Ensembles (Grad Wind Quintet and Grad String Quartet) and DMA Recitals

  7. Available locations for recording include Bloch, Clay, Falbo, and Davis. Preference is given to performances held in Bloch and Clay. Performances in the Museum Education Center are typically not recorded. Additionally, off-campus performances are typically not recorded. However, equipment may be available for lending/renting.
  8.  Standard audio recording setup includes a stereo pair of microphones, and basic track editing
  9. Additional microphones may be available. Recording services will determine if a request for additional microphones warrants a modest increase in fees.
  10. Recording engineer will arrive 30-60 minutes before your event in Bloch Hall. Recording engineer will arrive 60-90 minutes before your event in Clay, Falbo, or Davis. Please make sure that you are available to speak with the engineer, if needed, and have the space available for them to set up. Recording engineers are not ushers, stagehands, setup/strike crew, or page turners. They are not responsible for any other duties than what has been assigned by our department.
  11. A copy of your recording will typically be available within 14 business days after the date of the last performance. We try to make these available as soon as possible, but this can take longer during busier periods of time.
  12. Your recording will be made available to you via online delivery service. Faculty have access to a cloud-based storage folder. Individual students will be given a direct link to a folder of their performance only.
  13. Physical copies are available on request for an additional fee.
  14. Recording fees should be given to Administrative Associate, Mattie Jones (Room 4103) at least four weeks in advance of the recording session/recital. Checks should be payable to WVU School of Music, Recording Services. Large scale recording projects will be handled through the EBO.
  15. Fees for service vary based on market rates. Fees are discounted for WVU students and employees. Guest artists and faculty recitals held in Bloch, Clay, Falbo, or Davis can be recorded at no cost.
  16. Faculty soloists, faculty ensembles, and ensemble directors have control over the release of their concert recordings. WVU Recording Services will not distribute copies of your performances to the public unless prior arrangements have been made in writing.
  17. Faculty needing copies of recordings/media for instructional use should contact WVU Recording Services. In most cases, there is no fee for this service. However, you may be required to provide blank media. All requests must be made in accordance with mechanical rights, copyright, and licensing laws.
  18. Faculty needing recordings of performances or compositions for FEPT files or external review files should consult the School FEPT Policy Statement, which can be obtained from the School of Music office (Room 4103).