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Future Students

Saxophone playerAt WVU, we believe we have created a unique environment where our students can work with a faculty consisting of internationally known performers, pedagogues and scholars. Alumni of our programs are award winning educators, composers, and teachers. Their success not only makes us proud, it verifies that attending WVU is a wise choice for students who pursue a future in music. As you choose which institution is right for your future, we hope you decide to visit our campus, observe our classes and rehearsals, and be sure to talk to our students and faculty. We are confident that as you explore your programs, you will realize that the School of Music at West Virginia University is a great place to pursue your musical goals.

Have questions about the admissions process?
Contact James Froemel
Recruitment Coordinator for Undergraduate Admissions 
Office of the Dean, WVU College of Creative Arts
PO Box 6111, Morgantown, WV26506-6111
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