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BM in Music Education

Music EducationThe WVU Music Education program aims to raise the status of music education regionally and nationally through cultivation of highly effective practice and relevant knowledge in undergraduate students, graduate students, and in-service music educators. Students who successfully complete the WVU Music Education curriculum and all tests required by the West Virginia Department of Education will be qualified for a professional certificate, Birth – Adult Music, that will enable them to teach instrumental, vocal, and general music in West Virginia schools.

Undergraduate Curriculum Overview

The WVU Music Education curriculum is comprehensive and will prepare students for a variety of teaching settings.

  • General Education Courses: Courses that balance professional specialization in music, such as writing, humanities and fine arts, social and behavioral sciences, and natural sciences and mathematics.
  • Content Area Courses:  Courses that increase skills as a musician, such as principal performance studies, ensembles, voice, piano, music theory (aural and written), music listening, music history, conducting, and arranging
  • Education Courses:  Courses that develop knowledge of teaching, learning, and schools, including Introduction to Music Education and educational psychology
  • Pedagogy Courses:  Courses that develop skills as a teacher and performer of various secondary instruments, such as woodwinds, recorder, brass, guitar, strings, percussion, and voice
  • Methods Courses:  Courses that develop skills as a teacher in each of the three major areas of Music Education (instrumental music, vocal music, and general music), including clinical experiences
  • Capstone Experience:  A two-week preparatory seminar and a fourteen-week supervised teaching internship in K-12 schools requiring successful integration of the knowledge and demonstration of the skills acquired throughout the undergraduate experience

Music Education and Performance Majors

This optional program can be arranged for outstanding students who desire to meet the requirements of majors in both Music Education and Performance. Admission to this rigorous program is by written consent of the Coordinator of Music Education and the Coordinator of the appropriate Performance area after the student has completed two semesters.

Academic Resources

Student Teaching Observation and Evaluation Forms

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Questions? Contact

Dr. Jason Gossett
Coordinator, Music Education

CAEP Logo WVU is fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. The Educator Preparation Provider (EPP) at WVU is accredited based on the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) Standards. CAEP is the only recognized national accreditor for educator preparation. The Music Education specialty licensure area offered at our EPP has been approved by the West Virginia Board of Education.