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BA in Music Business and Industry

Music Industry students at work in the studio console

The music industry is a vibrant, multi-billion-dollar global enterprise, vast in scope and reach, offering a product that is deeply ingrained into the fabric of every country and culture, across social strata, and around the world. As such, it offers extensive professional opportunities to those who are trained, knowledgeable, and versed in its systems, methods, and practices.


The Bachelor of Arts in Music Business and Industry at WVU directly addresses these professional opportunities. By widening the range of the academic offerings through the School of Music, the major enhances the attractiveness of graduates on the job market.

The major provides a strategic course of study for students interested in pursuing music business and industry as a primary field of study. Our curriculum equips students with the fundamental analytical, regulatory, and creative knowledge and skills necessary for commercial participation in the music industry. As the only degree of its kind in the state, the major offers a unique opportunity to obtain the knowledge needed to pursue a career in this vast professional field.

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Areas of study

Music business and industry students at WVU will gain knowledge and professional field experience in areas of study including copyright regulations, music publishing, live event production and promotion, music marketing, the international music industry, the recording industry, and record label management.

Violin students recording in the music studio

Mon hills records artist working in the recording studio

Career opportunities

  • Music Publishing/Administration
  • Music Journalism/Publications, Radio, TV
  • Music Licensing
  • Music Supervision
  • Record/Video/TV Production
  • Audio/Sound Design Management
  • Radio/Concert Promotions
  • Copyright Management
  • Entertainment Law
  • Artist Management/Development
  • Tour Management/Road Management
  • Venue Management
  • Music Production/Sales
  • Music Business Management
  • Accounting/Finance/Royalty Management
  • Event Planning/ Sponsorships/Festivals
  • Marketing/Publicity
  • Personal/Executive Assistance for Artists, Managers, and Agents
  • Recording Studio Management
  • Broadcast Audio
  • Stage Management

Music business and industry graduates work in...

  • Music publishing firms
  • Business management firms
  • Entertainment magazines
  • Booking agencies
  • Performance rights organizations
  • Entertainment law firms
  • Record Labels
  • Artist management firms
  • Licensing firms
  • Video game designers/producers
  • Music studios
  • Audio equipment manufacturers/dealers
  • TV and film production studios
  • Event management firms