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The composition curriculum is especially designed for students wishing to prepare themselves as composers in both acoustic and electronic styles. The increased interest of society today in the arts is creating many new opportunities for the professional composer and teacher.
A composition major should enter as a freshman having achieved proficiency level four on the major instrument, and must complete proficiency level eight on that instrument before graduation. If piano is not the major instrument, the student must achieve a level four on piano. The student must reach level four before earning four credits: the remaining credits are treated as free electives. Piano majors reduce total curricular credits by four. At least a B average in the required freshman and sophomore theory courses or the consent of the coordinator of theory/composition is required for continuation in this curriculum. Another language may be substituted for the indicated French, German, or Italian with the approval of the coordinator of theory/composition. The capstone project must be in composition. Majors in this curriculum must present two solo performances on the major instrument in upper-level recitals before graduation.