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The 2021 Northeast Horn Workshop begins the evening of Thursday, March 25 and continues through the afternoon of Sunday, March 28. Featured artist performances, masterclasses, presentations, and panel discussions, contributing artist performances, presentations, and panel discussions, vendor presentations and open hours, and competition winners performances will fill the schedule.

A daily email will be sent to registrants with announcements and links for workshop events the day before those events (i.e Thursday's events will be sent out on Wednesday). Please check your spam folder if you do not receive an email. Contact with any problems.

Download the Program Booklet for the 2021 Northeast Horn Workshop.


Thursday, March 25

7:00pm - Welcome and Opening Performance

7:30pm - Featured Artist Concert: Elizabeth Freimuth, Randy Gardner, and Jeff Scott

9:00pm - Feature Artist Q&A: “Music on the Rocks” Podcast with Chris Castellanos

Friday, March 26

1:00pm - Featured Artist Masterclass: Elizabeth Freimuth

1:30pm - Contributing Artist Recital 1 and Presentation Block 1
              1:30pm - Recital: Performances by Haislip, Houde, Beneficence Quintet, L. Smith, Thoms and Richter
              1:30pm - The Well-Rounded Musician: A New Degree for Horn and Jazz, Lauren M. Braud
              1:30pm - Queerness and Liminality in Ethel Smyth’s Concerto for Violin, Horn, and Orchestra, Elizabeth                                        Schmidt
              2:00pm - So You've Been Asked to Teach a Horn Methods Class, Margaret Tung            
              2:00pm - Mindfulness for Audition Preparation, Johanna Lundy

2:30pm - Featured Artist Presentation: Being More Pressure-Proof: Mental Strategies for Getting in the Zone, Noa                         Kageyama

3:00pm - Contributing Artist Recital 1 and Presentation Block 2

               3:00pm - Recital: Performances by Tung, Redd, Bass, Kenney, and the Ball State Horn Quartet  
               3:00pm - Temperament Types and Teaching Students to Play with Drones, Maddy Tarantelli

               3:00pm - Practice Smarter NOT Harder, Jena Gardner

               3:30pm - Chronicle of a Phantom: The Julius Watkins Story, Patrick Smith
               3:30pm - Audition Prep for the Mere Mortal, Albert Houde

4:00pm - Featured Artist Masterclass: Peter Kurau

5:00pm - Featured Artist Presentation: Effective Approaches to Teaching and Learning, Randy Gardner

7:00pm - Excerpt and Solo Competition Winners Announced; Solo Competitions Winners Performances

7:30pm - Featured Artist Concert: Richard Deane, Catherine Turner, and Michael Winter

9:00pm - Featured Artists Q&A: “Pathways” Podcast with Adam Wolf

Saturday, March 27

8:00am - Pre-warm-up: Yoga for Horn Players, Rachel Hockenberry

9:00am - Guided Warm-up: Drop the Beat, Lanette Compton

10:00am - Featured Artist Masterclass: American Horn Quartet

10:30am - Contributing Artist Presentation Block 3

                10:30am - Alternative Approaches to Excerpt Preparation, Matthew Mauro

                10:30am - The Horn in the Lives of American Musicians of African and Creole Descent, Katy Ambrose
                11:00am - Seven Habits of Highly Effective Practicing, Jeb Wallace

                11:00am - The Horn Player’s Songbook, Rose French

11:00am - Featured Artist Masterclass: Jeff Scott

11:30am - Ensemble Competitions Winners Performances

12:00pm - Featured Artist Concert: American Horn Quartet

1:00pm - Contributing Artist Recital 3 and Presentation Block 4

                1:00pm - Recital: Performances by Larson, SSG Leverenz, Halbert, Mauro, J. Johnson, and Houde
                1:00pm - Solutions for Success: Effective Practice Strategies for Short and Long-Term Success, Nicholas                                         Kenney
                1:00pm - Female Brass Players Don’t Exist, Kate Warren
                1:30pm - Solo Works for the Low Hornist: Historical Significance and New Repertoire, Rusty Holmes
                1:30pm - A Case Study of Horn Pedagogy at Universities in the United States, Lauren Harding

1:15pm - Featured Artist Q&A: The Horn Call Podcast with James Boldin

1:30pm - Vendor Open Zoom Hours: James Hampson and Dave Weiner

2:00pm - Featured Artist Presentation: Caruso Method: An Introduction and Tutorial, Julie Landsman
               Please download sheet music and watch demonstration videos at Julie Landsman's website

2:30pm - Contributing Artist Recital 4 and Presentation Block 5

                2:30pm - Recital: Performances by Shires, Braud, J. Gardner, Harding, Huckins, and LaFever
                2:30pm - Learning to Transpose: A Story of moving from Musician to Manager, Sonja Thoms
                2:30pm - Choosing a College Music Program, Ashley Beyer
                3:00pm - Leave it to the Charlatans: The History of Multiphonics and the Horn, Jordan Bennett
                3:00pm - Modern Etudes: New Studies Keeping Pace with the Repertoire, Dave Weiner, Daniel Grabois, and                                   Brett Miller

3:00pm - Featured Artist Masterclass: Michael Winter

4:00pm - Featured Artist Presentation: VerMeulen's Winning Strategy: A Corporate Approach to More Successful                 Production, Presentation and Prosperity in Performances and Auditions, William VerMeulen

Sunday, March 28

9:00am - Guided Warm-Up: Denise Tryon
               Purchase Denise Tryon's warm-up for 50% off using promo code: nehwdtroutine

10:00am - Featured Artist Masterclass: Denise Tryon

10:30am - Contributing Artist Presentation Block 6

                10:30am - Sound Like a Pro in 10 Minutes (... a day), Albert Houde

                10:30am - Diversify and Decolonize Your Repertoire, Lucy Smith
                11:00am - The Horn Building and Horn Purchasing Process, Dan Vidican
                11:00am - Creating Your Brand: A Guide to Building a Successful Freelance Career, Tracy Bass
                11:00am - Transposition 101: The "Whys" and "Hows" of Transposing, Jonas Thoms

11:30am - Featured Artist Masterclass: Catherine Turner

12:00pm - Contributing Artist Recital 5 and Presentation Block 7

                12:00pm - Recital: Performances by Maunula Johnson, Wallace, Berger, Schouten, Harding, Johnson-Webb,                                     Hagelstein, and Hampson
                12:00pm - Military Band Round Table, SSG Anna Leverenz, MU2 Arthur Robinson, SrA Rose Valby, Sgt                                             Joshua T. Wagner, with SFC J.G. Miller, host
                12:00pm - The Entrepreneurial Hornist, Kyle Hoyt
                12:30pm - Modern Works for the Horn by 21st Century Composers, Bill Richter
                12:30pm - How to Choose a French Horn, Derek Wright

1:00pm - Featured Artist Masterclass: Richard Deane

2:00pm - WVU Horn Studio Alumni and Friends Concert

3:00pm - Featured Artist Concert: Chris Castellanos and Denise Tryon