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Horn Teaching Project

The Horn Teaching Project is an exciting pedagogical initiative designed to cultivate resources in a centralized location. The project will include submissions from professional performers and pedagogues from around the globe covering individual topics in concise video and written formats. The goal is to maintain a resource that will make horn pedagogy more easily accessible for music educators and students.

Submissions can either be YouTube links of already published videos or can be a video file that will be released on the Horn Teaching Project YouTube page and branded as Horn Teaching Project. Videos will be categorize by content to provide ease-of-use for educators and students as they seek more information on specific topics relating to the horn.

Video submissions should cover a single topic and be around 5 minutes in length or less. Written submissions should be in the form of one or two page handouts covering a single topic.

The Horn Teaching Project is connected with the 2021 Northeast Horn Workshop but will continue as it's own website after the conclusion of the workshop. Applicants are encouraged to apply anytime they have content available.

Horn Teaching Project Application

Applicants are encouraged to submit videos on any topic, including but not limited to:

  • Tone
  • Accuracy
  • Intonation
  • Breathing
  • High Range Development
  • Low Range Development
  • Stopped Horn
  • Lip Trills
  • Articulation
  • Multiple Tonguing
  • Transposition
  • Embouchure Development
  • Starting Beginning Students
  • Choosing a Mouthpiece
  • Posture
  • Right Hand Position
  • General Maintenance
  • Tying Valve Strings
  • Ensemble Skills
  • Transitioning Students from Other Instruments
  • Balancing Mellophone and Horn Playing
  • Etude Books for Beginners
  • Etude Books for Intermediates
  • Etude Books for Advanced Students
  • Solos for Beginners
  • Solos for Intermediates
  • Solos for Advanced Students
  • Orchestral Excerpts
  • Preparing for a College Audition
Please email with any questions.