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Brass & Woodwind Maintenance and Repair Workshop

The inaugural West Virginia University “Brass & Woodwind Maintenance and Repair Workshop” will be held June 24 – 28, 2024 at the College of Creative Arts and Media.


This week-long, hands-on workshop is designed for Band Directors and Music Teachers who want to develop valuable skills in using preventive maintenance, diagnosing common repair issues and make time and money saving repairs on brass and woodwind instruments.

Participants will need to bring a flute, clarinet, bass clarinet (optional), oboe,

bassoon (optional), saxophone, trumpet, trombone (tenor with F attachment if available), baritone horn (or euphonium) to work on in the workshop.


Enrollment is limited to 15 Participants!
Enrollment Deadline: June 21st

Registration fee of $500 does not include required tool kit.

Participants will be responsible for their accommodation and meals.

Register Online

To participate in this workshop, registrants must also purchase the Band Director Tool Kit ($800 plus sales tax) from The Instrument Lab, LLC.

This is required to participate in the workshop. This “Essentials” Tool Kit for band directors includes a metal toolbox and a selection of high-quality, professional repair tools and supplies for band instrument repair used in this workshop.

Purchase the Essential Tool Kit

Workshop Schedule