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Keyboard Policy

All students for whom piano is the major area of applied study shall play a jury for the piano faculty at the end of each semester of study. Non-majors who have the endorsement of their instructor have the option of playing a jury at the end of each semester of study. Under extenuating circumstances, such as serious illness or death in the immediate family, a student may be excused from playing a jury with the understanding that a special jury will be held for the student early in the immediately succeeding semester in which the student is enrolled for lessons. Students unable to complete a jury at the end of a semester shall be given the grade of “incomplete” until such time as the jury is successfully completed. Students who have already reached their level requirement for completion of their degree may elect to play a jury at the end of each semester of enrollment.

The jury for each student majoring in applied music shall last approximately 15 minutes. The student and his teacher shall prepare selected repertoire from the student’s studies of the semester for 15 minutes of playing. All other juries shall be of about 10 minutes in duration, again with similar selections being made by the student and teacher from representative studies of the semester.