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Mariana Whitmer

Mariana Whitmer holds a PhD in Historical Musicology from the University of Chicago, where her dissertation focused on compositional process in Anton Bruckner’s Ninth Symphony.  Dr. Whitmer has more recently transferred her appreciation for analysis to film music and has published two film score guides for Scarecrow Press, examining Jerome Moross’s The Big Country (Scarecrow Press, 2012) and Elmer Bernstein’s The Magnificent Seven (Scarecrow Press, 2017).  Whitmer has contributed essays to Music in the Western (edited by K. Kalinak, Routledge, 2010) and Anxiety Muted: American Film Music in a Suburban Age (edited by Stanley Pelkey and Anthony Bushard, Oxford University Press, 2014). Other recent studies include an examination of the music for the silent Western epic The Covered Wagon (American Music, Spring, 2018) and the use of Western music in television advertising (in Re-Locating the Sounds of the Western, Ashgate, 2018, co-edited with Kendra Preston Leonard, and The Oxford Handbook of Music in Television, edited by Ronald Rodman and James Deaville).  Dr. Whitmer continues to work on biographical publications related to Jerome Moross, including a contribution in Double Lives: Film Composers in the Concert Hall, edited by James Wierzbicki (Ashgate Publishing, 2018). Whitmer has also published reviews in the Journal of the Society for American Music and co-edited a special issue on Stephen Foster for American Music.  Whitmer was named a Visiting Scholar at the Charles Redd Center for Western Studies at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah (2016) and has presented at various national conferences, including the American Musicological Society, the Society for American Music, Music and the Moving Image, and the Popular Culture Studies Association.