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Ensemble Auditions

Symphonic Band Wind Symphony & Symphonic Band

Auditions for Wind Symphony and Symphonic Band for the Spring 2018 semester will take place at the beginning of January.  Audition materials will be posted in November.


Mountaineer Marching Band, "The Pride of West Virginia"
Auditions for the 2017 WVU Mountaineer Marching Band have already taken place.  Auditions for the 2018 WVU Mountaineer Marching Band will be held in April 2018.

Basketball Band
Audition Requirements:
     I.   Major Scales (2 octaves where appropriate) - C, G, D, F, Bb, Eb, Ab, Db (concert pitch)
     II.  Sightreading
     III. Required selection:
                    Piccolo (pdf)                                Trumpet (pdf)
                    Clarinet (pdf)                               Trombone (pdf)
                    Alto Saxophone (pdf)                  Baritone BC (pdf)
                    Tenor Saxophone (pdf)               Baritone TC (pdf)
                    Mellophone (pdf)                         Tuba (pdf)
                                                                        Electric Bass (pdf)