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Ensemble Auditions

Wind Symphony, Symphony Orchestra, and Symphonic Band

Instrumental Ensemble Audition Procedures (pdf)

Fall 2019 Audition Schedule

Monday, August 19, 2019
9:00 AM      Saxophones (Audition Materials - pdf)
10:30 AM    Euphoniums (Audition Materials - pdf)
11:15 AM    Tubas          (Audition Materials - pdf)
2:00 PM      Clarinets     (Audition Materials - pdf)       
3:45 PM      Oboes         (Audition Materials - pdf)    
4:25 PM      Bassoons    (Audition Materials - pdf)  

Tuesday, August 20, 2019
9:00 AM      Percussion   (Audition Materials - pdf)
1:30 PM      Flutes           (Audition Materials - pdf)
3:15 PM      Horns           (Audition Materials - pdf)
4:30 PM      Trumpets      (Audition Materials - pdf)
7:15 PM      Trombones   (Audition Materials - pdf(Bass Tbn. - Audition Materials - pdf)

All auditions will take place in CMC 2070 with the exception of Percussion which will take place in the Percussion Studio.  Please read the procedures document linked above for additional information.

Mountaineer Marching Band, "The Pride of West Virginia"
Auditions for the 2019 WVU Mountaineer Marching Band have been completed.  Auditions for the 2020 WVU Mountaineer Marching Band will take place in April 2020.