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Note to Parents

CMP Student and Harp

Although the Creative Arts Center is a safe environment, parents are advised to accompany young children to and from their classes/lessons and not leave them unattended for any length of time. The teacher cannot be expected to be responsible for your child after class hours. Please be sure to keep in touch regularly with our teachers concerning lesson times. If you are not sure about a lesson time, please contact your teacher to make sure there has not been a misunderstanding. Communication is the key to preventing and solving problems before they turn into larger issues. Please be aware that our faculty have extremely busy schedules like you do. When you register for lessons, you have made a commitment, as our teachers have, to show up each week for the lesson/class. As much as we empathize with your busy schedule and daily issues that come up in your lives, our teachers are not obligated to make up lessons unless they themselves have cancelled. Please also be advised that no adjustments in tuition will be given for cancellations.

Visitors may park in the main lot in front of the Creative Arts Center. Parents are encouraged to schedule their lessons in the evening when parking is free. The Creative Arts Center parking lots are for permit holders only during the business day. Parking is free and open after 5pm and on weekends and holidays. Parking passes for the day are available with advance notice and for special circumstances. 

The 15-minute visitor parking are three parking spots designated for 15-minute Visitor Parking located adjacent to the drop-off lane in front of the CCAC. These spots are reserved M-F from 7am-5pm for visitor use without a permit. Guests who have been issued a temporary permit should find other available spots. Permit holders who park in a Visitor spot during restricted hours are subject to citations.

To support ongoing maintenance and improvement activities for the parking area, WVU Parking Management will begin charging $1 to park in the Coliseum parking lot, effective Wednesday, Aug. 17, 2022. Parking at the Coliseum is free after 4 PM.

All parking on campus is administered by the WVU Department of Transportation.

Please visit: Tuition, Payment, and Policies