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Morgantown Community Orchestra

The Orchestra is on  hiatus until further notice due to COVID-19.

In lieu of a public concert in Spring 2020, members of the Morgantown Community Orchestra separately recorded a portion of the "Overture from Barber of Seville" by Rossini. Members were instructed to play their part while listening to a metronome. This final compilation was edited together by Alyssa Schwartz, Director of the Morgantown Community Orchestra.

Open to youth, adults and senior citizens 

MCO Membership: $55.35 + $10 processing fee ($60+ after 1/31/20)

This ensemble is suitable as a Pre-College training program for talented young musicians

(all High School students: note that participation in this orchestra can count toward Community Service credits at school. If you are considering this please contact your school in advance for approval. And let us know. We'll be happy to verify, where appropriate and necessary. )

The Morgantown Community Orchestra (MCO) is one of the largest music ensembles of the Community Mu sic Program at WVU. It is designed for intermediate and advanced level players in the community and region, who wish to share and develop their artistic talents while enjoying music-making in a friendly orchestral setting.

The repertoire is carefully chosen to accommodate the ensemble’s need for music with a wide range of styles and difficulty. Membership is open to everyone from youth, to non-music and music major students, to adults and senior citizens throughout the greater-Morgantown community.

Membership to the MCO is open to everyone from youth to non-music and music major collegiate students to community members. The orchestra welcomes intermediate and advanced level players who wish to share and develop their artistic talents while enjoying music-making in a friendly orchestral setting. For potential new members, a gentle informal trial audition is recommended.

The history of the Morgantown Community Orchestra (MCO) can be traced back to the first decades of the WVU School of Music, founded in 1897.  Enrollments were small in the early years, and in order for the School to have an orchestra, talented members of the community joined with students in performances. This was certainly the case as late as the 1920s. Subsequently, the WVU Orchestra grew to the point where there were a sufficient number of students to perform orchestral literature, and the community ensemble languished until it was revived in the 1970s. It has been in continuous existence ever since.

The MCO is a unique and exciting group in Morgantown, providing you rehearsals of a wide range of repertoire. It is a perfect opportunity to keep your fingers in good shape and sharp. If you want to learn how to play in a symphonic orchestra, or to improve your skills, here is your chance!

In this ensemble, you will learn to:

  • interpret the language and intentions of conductors
  • play in an ensemble at an intermediate to advanced level
  • develop fundamental and analytical aural skills
  • understand the organization and the craft of orchestral work
  • important orchestral etiquette tips  

Dr Alyssa Schwartz, Director

Weekly, 10:00am-1:00pm, Room 2070

Saturdays, 1st Rehearsal -  February 1, 2020 

Notes to Parents of young MCO members:
Although the Creative Arts Center is a safe environment, parents are advised to accompany young children to and from rehearsals and to not leave them unattended for any length of time. The Director cannot be expected to be responsible for waiting around after rehearsals to keep watch on children.