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Group Classes & Large Ensembles

FALL 2018

Minimum enrollment is required for all group classes. Please enroll in classes as early as possible to secure a spot, and to enable us to determine if enrollment minimum has been met to hold the class. In case of cancellation of any class due to low enrollment, all students already enrolled will be notified immediately.

Minisingers class

For Ages 4-7

Letícia Grützmann, Director

13 Weeks, 4:30-5:00pm, Room 4129

Mondays, 1st Rehearsal – Sep 10

Cost: $93.11(+ Term Processing Fee)

Minisingers is a class designed to give little children their first exposure to the choral world. This class advances young children on with their continued music explorations, beyond Early Childhood classes. It can act as a ‘stepping stone’ for eventual future participation in the prestigious Morgantown Youth Choir. Minisingers will provide suitable instruction to choral singing from a very young age. It will also help youngsters begin to develop a sense of community and teamwork. Repertoire and vocal techniques will be taught according to age consideration and appropriateness. The Minisingers will be offered performance time on MYC concerts of Oct 25, Dec 13, and at the Mon Co Hospitals “Festival of Trees” event.

*NEW* Morgantown Children's Choral class

Recommended for Ages 7 - 10

Letícia Grützmann, Director

13 Weeks, 5:10-5:40pm, Room 4129

Mondays, 1st Rehearsal – Sep 10

Cost: $93.11(+ Term Processing Fee)

Morgantown Children’s Choral class (MCC) welcomes kids from 7 to 10 years of age to choral singing. This course will provide young singers with the opportunity to learn music reading, and will offer thorough contact to the musical score, thus preparing children for a successful musical education. MCC will introduce all sorts of musical styles and genres, and can act as a ‘stepping stone’ for future participation in the prestigious Morgantown Youth Choir. The MCC class will be offered performance time on MYC Youth Choir concerts of Oct 25, Dec 13, and at the Mon Co Hospitals “Festival of Trees” event.

Digital Photography

For Ages: 13-adult

Dr. David Bess, Award-winning Photographer/Artist Instructor

6 Weeks, 6:00-7:30pm, Room 3113(THUR) or Room 4122(WED)

Wednesdays or Thursdays (see appropriate session below), 1st class Sep 12 or 13 (see appropriate session below)

Cost: $128.52(+ Term Processing Fee)

Select appropriate session:

Learn how to get the most out of your digital camera. In this informative class students will learn how to most effectively capture those once-in-a-lifetime moments. This course will emphasize basic photographic skills including equipment, lenses, focusing, ISO, depth of field, shooting modes, using artificial light, composition, and basic editing on computer. Students must provide their own digital cameras. Students’ cameras must have the capacity for shooting in the following exposure modes: aperture priority, shutter priority, and manual.

Level 2 Photography  is designed for those who have completed an introductory photography course and wish to continue to expand their skills as digital photographers. Course content will be based largely on students’ expressed needs and goals. Content may include, but will not be limited to, advanced composition, lighting, metering, and editing, as well as sports photography, nature photography, and studio photography. Students in this class will be invited to shadow Dr Bess during professional photo shoots. The course will be limited to a maximum of six students so that the instructor can provide as much individual attention as possible.

Ukulele Class

(∗ Purchase Hal Leonard Ukulele Method Book-more info below)

(∗ Bring your own concert or soprano-sized ukulele, or speak with instructor)

For Ages: 10-adult

Brandon Morgan, Instructor

8 Weeks, Room 2063

Sundays or Tuesdays (see appropriate session/level below), 1st class Sep 2 or 4 (see appropriate session below)

ŸCost:  $89.97(+ Term Processing Fee) 

Ukulele translates from its original Hawaiian, to “jumping flea”, and originated in the late 1800’s. The instrument has

been booming in popularity recently. In this class, you will learn how to read music in the treble clef, count rhythms,

pick melodies, and strum chords on the ukulele. You will learn traditional Hawaiian and American folk songs, and popular songs of today! You must purchase the book mentioned below and either a concert or soprano sized ukulele. Smaller hands and fingers (most kids) do better with a soprano ukulele.


Select appropriate session:

No prior musical experience is necessary. Hal Leonard Ukulele Method Bk 1 (CD included) is available on ASIN: B000RQA1EW.

In this class, you will learn more advanced chords, melodies, and strumming techniques. You must have taken and completed the beginner ukulele class OR have had prior musical instrument experience and the ability to read basic rhythms and music in the treble clef. Hal Leonard Ukulele Method Bk 2 is available on ISBN: 978-1423416173.

Harp on It!

*This course is suitable as a Pre-College training program for talented young musicians

For Adults, Seniors, Older & Elementary Youth

Christine Mazza, Instructor 
Introductory Harp Class 
6 Weeks, Room 1073 (Days/Time/60minute Length of classes NEGOTIABLE)

ŸCost:  $89.97(+ Term Processing Fee)     

This class is open to all age groups with a limit of 2 students per class and catered to student needs and scheduling. No musical background is necessary. Students will study hand position and simple tunes. Materials are included. One hour daily practice time on the WVU Lyon Healy Troubadour harp is available for an additional $45 fee and $50 key deposit ($50 key deposit to be refunded on key return). 

Vocal Techniques

For Ages: adults & seniors

Dr William Koehler, Instructor

3 Weeks, 6:00-7:00pm, Room 3113

Mondays, Oct 1, 8, 15

Ÿ Cost: $45.00(+ Term Processing Fee) 

A vibrant healthy voice – whether used for singing or speaking -- begins with the deep intake of breath and continues through the easy release of that breath. Learn how linking your voice to your breath and body in this way will make you more easily heard and understood, help eliminate fatigue, increase stamina, and allow for a more rapid recovery from overuse. This is a class designed for any and all people who depend on their voices: performers such as singers, or actors who speak dialog; professionals who use their speaking voices daily such as teachers, clergy, announcers, lawyers, salespeople; or those people who simply suffer from a weak voice and vocal fatigue. Learn how to be heard and understood without shouting. Take the mystery out of producing a vibrant, resonant voice that will carry to the back wall regardless of how far away. Be heard and understood clearly even in intimate settings. Gain understanding and experience with these tools-of-the-trade: straw breath, oo sigh, car starter, head siren, yodel, whisper vowels, ventriloquism.

PiANo foR FuN for ADULTS

*This course is suitable as a Pre-College training program for talented young musicians

For Adults (ages 18-up) & Seniors

Carol Beall NCTM, Instructor

10 Weeks, Room 2075

Wednesdays, 1st class - Sep 5 (no class Oct 3)

Cost: $145.66(+ processing fee)

*There may be an additional in-class fee to purchase material

Piano for Fun is designed for adult students who are Interested in playing the piano for their own enjoyment. Lessons are taught in a group setting, enabling students to experience the fun and incentive of learning together with others. The instructor focuses on the abilities of each person within the group, and offers suggestions and options so that members can learn within their own comfort zone. At all levels, a wide variety of styles of music is included, with work on chords as well as traditional music reading. Three levels are offered.


Select appropriate session:

  • I ENJOY Playing Piano– 4:15-5:15pm: This is the most advanced level. This group plays a lot of ensemble music, and explores pieces in many styles. There is a wide variety of skill levels included in this class, and the instructor endeavors to present adaptations so that those at a higher level can have some challenge while others can also enjoy participating.
  • I Can Play Piano – a LITTLE– 5:30-6:30pm: This level is for those who have completed the first level, or those who have some prior experience and can read music at a basic level, and can play simple pieces with both hands.
  • I Want to LEARN to Play Piano– 6:45-7:45pm: For beginners who have limited or no previous study. Very little, if any, prior knowledge or skill is assumed.

Music Pups and Cats®

Music Pups (for Ages: infant-4 years)

(Must be accompanied by a participating caregiver)

Abigail Watson, Instructor

9 Weeks, Room 4129

Fridays - 1st class Sep 7

Cost: $138.62(+ Term Processing Fee)


2 sessions offered, select preferred:

  • Session P1 – Fridays, 1:00-1:45pm
  • Session P2 – Fridays, 5:00-5:45pm

Research shows that early childhood is the window of opportunity to increase the lifelong music aptitude of a child.  Music Pups®  is a fun-filled class of singing, dancing, movement and instrument play.  Parents learn how to enrich their child's music environment, increase music potential and understand music development. Each class is 45 minutes long. Families receive a CD and songbook (included in tuition cost) with a broad variety of sounds and activities designed to stimulate musical learning. Our library of 11 CDs allows your family to enjoy class for almost three years with all new music each session. Mixed age classes are developmentally appropriate and allow siblings to enjoy class together.

Music Cats (for Ages: 4-5)

(Must be accompanied by a participating caregiver)

Abigail Watson, Instructor

9 Weeks, Room 4129

Fridays - 1st class Sep 7

Cost: $138.62(+ Term Processing Fee)


2 sessions offered, select preferred:

  • Session C1 – Fridays, 11:00-11:45am
  • Session C2 – Fridays, 4:00-4:45pm

Music Cats®  includes the same fun spirit and activities as our Music Pups® program, plus more challenging activities designed to capitalize on the ability and creativity of “big kids”.  

Goals include:

  • Improve pitch and rhythm skills. In addition to Music Pups style singing and movement activities, we include individualized tonal and rhythm instruction each week to challenge each student at his or her own level.
  • Develop critical listening skills, such as the ability to identify when notes are correct or incorrect when listening to familiar songs.
  • Learn about band and orchestra instruments, and practice identifying the sounds they produce.
  • Introduction to piano. Fun keyboarding activities help prepare our students for future keyboard or piano lessons.  

Beginning Group Piano for Kids

For Ages: 6-9 years old

Dipendra Sunam, Instructor

10 Weeks - Room 2075

Tuesdays, 1st Class Sep 11

*There will be an optional performance opportunity, in recital, on Dec 4th

Cost: $145.66(+ Term Processing Fee)

This class provides the stimulation of a group environment with the individual attention of private instruction as a fun, effective approach to learning piano. Weekly group classes include rhythmic games, ensemble playing, and music reading, using state-of-the-art electronic keyboards.


Sessions description:

  • Level 1 – 4:00-5:00pm: For students with no previous experience, or as review.
  • Level 2 – 5:00-6:00pm: For students with 1-2 terms of previous experience.

(Level placement will be determined by the instructor on the 1st day of classes)

Morgantown Community Orchestra

For Ages: youth-adults-seniors

  • FREE to students currently enrolled in private lessons/group classes in the Community Music Program
  • FREE to full-time WVU college students
  • Price breaks available to CommMusPgm faculty, CollCreativeArts faculty/staff
  • Discounts for seniors, and on multiple family members/classes/instruments registrations
  • Informal audition is requested

André Januario, Director 

Weekly, 10:00am-1:00pm, Room 2070

(NOTE: sectionals, as needed, begin 10am, full orchestra at 11am)

Saturdays, 1st Rehearsal and public Meet&Greet - Aug 18

Cost: $54.80(+ Term Processing Fee)


FALL Performance:

  • Sunday Dec 2, 5:00pm, Clay Concert Theatre, Creative Arts Center WVU

Membership is open to everyone from youth to non-music and music major collegiate students to community members. The orchestra welcomes intermediate and advanced level players who wish to share and develop their artistic talents while enjoying music-making in a friendly orchestral setting. For potential new members, an informal trial audition is requested.

(also refer to the link at the top of the page, for additional registration information) 

Morgantown Youth Choir

For Ages: 10-18 years old

Letícia Grützmann, Director

Weekly, 4:30-6:00pm, Room 4129

Thursdays, 1st Rehearsal Aug 16

Cost: $81.60 (+ Term Processing Fee)


FALL Performance:

  • Saturday Sep 1, Time TBD, Black Bears Baseball Natl Anthem, Mon Co Ballpark
  • Saturday Sep 15, 6:30pm, WVU Men’s Soccer Natl Anthem, WVU Soccer Field
  • 2 Fall Concerts, Oct 25 & Dec 13, Time & venue TBD, WVU
  • Treble Voices Festival, Nov 29-Dec 2 (with MCO), Clay Concert Theatre, Creative Arts Center WVU
  • Morgantown Hospital’s Festival of Trees, Time & venue TBD


The Morgantown Youth Choir welcomes ‘older’ youth who wish to share and develop their artistic talents while enjoying music-making in a friendly fun setting. Our goal is to bring music, culture, arts, and pleasure to the region’s youth and families, thus creating strength, character, and opportunity for its members. Through a wide range of choral music, our youth will experience other lands and languages all while learning about vocal technique, performing arts, and goal achievement through individual accomplishments and teamwork. Not to mention, a huge amount of fun and a range of experiences.

West Virginia Community Choir

For Ages: collegiates-adults-seniors

  • FREE to students currently enrolled in private lessons/group classes in the Community Music Program
  • FREE to full-time WVU college students
  • Price breaks available to CommMusPgm faculty, CollCreativeArts faculty/staff
  • Discounts for seniors, and on multiple family members/classes/instruments registrations

Dr Kym Scott, Director 

Weekly, 7:00pm, Room 2070

Mondays, 1st Rehearsal and public Meet&Greet - Aug 20

Cost: $34.25(+ Term Processing Fee)


FALL Performance:

  •  Sunday Oct 21, 2:00pm, Clay Concert Theatre, Creative Arts Center WVU
  • Saturday Nov 3, TBD, Handel’s “Messiah
  • Saturday Dec 1, 7:30pm, Clay Concert Theatre WVU

    At 100 members strong, the West Virginia Community Choir is the largest ensemble in the Community Music Program. Membership is open to all singers in Morgantown and surrounding communities. Improve your sight-reading skills, and learn a variety of repertoire from different time periods and different parts of the world. Stop in for a visit and participate in a sit-in rehearsal on Monday evening, August 20th. 7:00pm. And enjoy a lovely ‘welcome’ reception put on by current members, immediately following the 1st rehearsal.