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BM in Jazz Studies

Student playing guitarThe Bachelors of Music in Jazz Studies encourages study, training, and performance in all forms of creative improvised music, jazz & world music. The Jazz Studies major at WVU enables you to expand your creative vision and gain a global perspective. 

The Jazz Studies program is designed for students wishing to develop comprehensive capabilities in various jazz and pop idioms. All aspects of jazz are studied, from the early music to the most recent developments in creative improvised music. The program's flexibility can be adapted to a rapidly changing market and unique areas of interest and provides excellent preparation for graduate study in music. Students work as performers and composers/arrangers with a variety of jazz and studio music idioms in various settings and with many sizes and types of ensembles.

Jazz night at MBC
A variety of performance opportunities are available for students. The many small jazz ensembles perform styles ranging from Bebop, Fusion, Salsa, and the avant-garde. The large ensembles perform original student compositions, and the music of contemporary composers in addition to traditional big band literature.