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Transferring into the Bachelors of Art Program

The steps below for transferring into the Bachelors of Arts program must occur in order. They apply to any student who has graduated from high school and is attending or has attended WVU or another postsecondary institution.

  • You must successfully gain admission to West Virginia University.
  • You must successfully audition on your principal performance medium for appropriate Music faculty for admission to the School of Music. It is recommended that you schedule your audition before the middle of the semester prior to your admission to the School of Music.
  • The Coordinator of the Bachelor’s of Art Program (currently Dr. Travis Stimeling, must be able to confirm the result of this audition. That is, appropriate Music faculty must officially document and forward the result to the School of Music administrative associate (currently Ms. Mattie Jones).
  • Following confirmation of a successful audition, the Coordinator of the BA Program must review your academic record. You must provide transcripts of all coursework taken since your high school graduation. This comprises any study in any subject at any institution beyond high school. May include grades for any coursework currently in progress. Unofficial copies of transcripts are acceptable.
  • Following a successful review of your academic record, you must interview successfully with the Coordinator of the Bachelors of Art Program, who will contact you to schedule this.
  • Following a successful interview, it is most likely that you will be approved for admission to the BA Program effective in the next semester (excluding summer).
  • Following approval for admission to the BA Program, you must meet with the Director of Undergraduate Studies (currently Dr. Sandra Schwartz, to complete the necessary paperwork to change to (or add) BA Music as a major and to complete appropriate course registration.