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BA in Music (Contemporary and Integrative Performance)

ICP Major

The Bachelor of Arts in Contemporary & Integrative Performance offers an opportunity for students to focus on the study of contemporary music performance within a curriculum that emphasizes cross-disciplinary study between the arts.


Students engage in their studies with the added focus of contemporary music — music post-1970 — and within an integrative curriculum, tailor their coursework to include electives from the areas of art, theatre, dance, industry, and philosophy. Such integration develops skills, advances understanding, furthers interpretive performance, and supports creativity as a holistic means to growth. This specialization develops students’ ability to think critically about their role as musicians in today’s changing landscape, and to impart a learning experience with outcomes relevant to creative musical practices and professional culture of the 21st century.


Through a course of study focused on the disciplines of music and Integrative & Contemporary Performance, combined with the University’s General Education Foundations (GEF), the program will enrich, broaden, and add a new dimension to the College of Creative Arts’ mission of educating artists, teachers, and scholars through its experiential, student-centered approach to learning.


The major is designed to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to foster musical excellence and creativity in today’s landscape. The program objectives enable the realization of musical ideas both individually and in ensembles, a broad understanding of repertory, analysis of musical expression, communication with listeners, and the presentation of individual interpretations. Like other BA programs in music, this offering enables students to develop skills of critical thinking concerning the human experience as reflected in the form of musical expression.