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Graduate Certificate in Music Industry

Covering a complete range of today’s music industry commerce and products, and analyzing progressive stages in its various product life cycles within the current global external environment (from creation and transformation to consumption, commercial exploitation, and feedback), the program methodically builds and widens students’ perspectives of the music industry’s fundamental regulatory and commercial mechanisms, along with the skills to manage and operate its systems.

To facilitate a holistic, methodical approach, the Graduate Certificate in Music Industry curriculum consist of five (5) 600 level courses, representing a cohesive academic core, covering all the fundamental, interrelated and interdependent segments of the music industry through methodical study of its foundations, commerce, and operations:

1. Music Industry Regulations (3 credits)

Advanced analysis of the current scope and content of music industry regulations and their impact on today’s music industry commercial models and practices. Structure and methods of collective music rights administration and enforcement mechanisms. Regulatory responses to music digitalization and digital market place.

2. Advanced Music Publishing (3 credits)

Main stream music publishing industry models, structures and organization. Current practices, strategies, and procedures in music publishing management. Music catalog acquisition, administration and advancement methods and processes.

3. Advanced Recording Industry (3 credits)

Organization, administration, regulations, and commercial strategies of today’s recording industry. Recorded music product production planning, budgeting and organization in the digital and physical market place.

4. Music Performance Management and Commerce (3 credits)

Advanced study of strategies, methods, and practices in the contemporary commercial music performance field. Regulations management and compliance procedures. Commercial production standards and processes.

5. Music Product Advancement (3 credits)

Practices, tools, and creative concepts of music product advancement in today’s music market place. Methods and management of music product content, commercial communication, and distribution. Integrated music product advancement strategies and techniques.

Program Director

Darko Velichkovski
(304) 293-5677
404-A Creative Arts Center