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Morgantown Children's Choir


MCYC (Morgantown Children's & Youth Choirs)

Open to youth ages 8-High School age

('gentle' audition may be requested to determine child's suitability and age-appropriateness)

1st Rehearsal Thursday, Jan 5, 2017

*4:30pm-6:00pm (all ages 8-18)

Room 440A, Creative Arts Center

(*as choirs get close to performance dates the 2 groups will potentially split to work on separate repertoire)

The goal of the Morgantown Children's & Youth Choirs is to bring music, culture, arts and pleasure to the region’s children and families, thus creating strength, character, and opportunity for its members. Through a wide range of choral music, our youth will experience other lands and languages all while learning about vocal technique, performing arts, and goal achievement through individual accomplishments and teamwork. Not to mention a huge amount of fun and a range of experiences. We invite you to join us. We are open to all young people in the Morgantown area, from about age 8 into the teen years. Feel free to contact us with your questions.

The Morgantown Children's & Youth Choirs welcomes young singers who wish to share and develop their artistic talents while enjoying music-making in a friendly fun setting. For potential new members, an informal trial sit-in is recommended, followed by a chat between the Director and parent, to determine the child's suitability, because repertoire is carefully chosen to accommodate the ensembles' needs for music with a wide range of styles and difficulty. Acceptance will be based on age, musicianship, and suitability to the program. We have the right to refuse membership based on the above criteria.

Notes to Parents of young MCYC members:

Although the Creative Arts Center is a safe environment, parents are advised to accompany young children to and from rehearsals and to not leave them unattended for any length of time. The Director cannot be expected to be responsible for waiting around after rehearsals to keep watch on young children.

Contact Us 
Phone: (304) 293-6946
Karen Taddie, Coordinator - Community Music Program

Letícia Grützmann, Director - Morgantown Children's & Youth Choirs